Dogs With Tiny Hats In Libraries 2020

Friday, June 26 - Saturday, June 27, Dallydale Conference Centre

How Will Your Library Utilize Dogs With Tiny Hats In the Future?

Confirmed Sessions

  • Creating the New Storytimes of the New Era With the Help of Dogs With Tiny Hats
  • Dogs With Tiny Hats On A Shoestring Budget: Tips and Tricks for Corporate Libraries
  • Dogs With Tiny Hats: Interrogating The Archive

Keynote Speakers

  • Steve Angstwerth-Feln, Thought Leader and Consultant, Angstwerth-Feln LLC
  • Brenda Gitsby, Dean of Public Service, Graduate Scientician Library, St. Origen School Of Theology
  • Carol Snarlsworth, Head of Service Evolution, Ramblefields Public Library